Changing Your Mindset on New Year's Resolutions

Most people's New Year's Resolutions or goals are extinct by the time February hits. With a new year quickly approaching, what can you do to make them actually last for once?

Same Old You

New Year New Me. It's the same slogan that was said last year, the year before that, and the year before that. Did anything really change though? You might've hit the gym strong for the first 2 weeks in January. You might've stopped eating out every day for lunch. Maybe you gave up an addiction. Or that idea you always had, maybe you actually started putting action towards it. Or maybe you changed something about your appearance? Whatever it was, nine times out of ten, you probably were over it before February hit. Why is that? Well it's hard to do something cold turkey. You weren't in the gym the 344 days before the first of the year, so what makes you think you can up and change because the 16 has now turned into a 17? What will really make this year better than last? What is gonna prevent you from failing yet again? How about changing your mindset on New Year's Resolutions?


Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

"New" is definitely an exciting feeling. Nothing like that new car smell, or new start to a semester, or new Jordans. You do everything you can to keep those shoes clean: walk around pigeon toed, avoid grass and dirt, and maybe even wear plastic bags on them when it's raining. The moment someone steps on them by accident, it appears as if the world is over. There's a huge scuff mark on the toe and all hope is lost. A few months later they're your new gym shoes. That's exactly how we treat New Year's Resolutions. We do everything we can do in order to become the new person we would like to be. We do this not realizing that we're only humans. We're bound to mess up. We put way too much pressure on ourselves so when we fall, we fall hard. Instead of being open to the idea of, "Hey I might miss the gym a few days a month," we allow ourselves to throw in the towel because we broke our 12 day streak. There's still a whole 352 days remaining though! Get back up and go hard again! Are you more focused on a streak, or do you want to accomplish the goal you had set? Look at the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise won not because he had a good start. He didn't win because he had a good finish either. He won because he kept his eye on the goal that he was trying to accomplish. Yea, he was probably tired. He probably even got a little discouraged from seeing the hare super far ahead of him. But the one thing he didn't do was give up. And that's the one thing we can't allow ourselves to do either.

Before you even begin thinking about all the things you would like to do for this upcoming New Year, you must take the time to reflect on the old year. Maybe it was the worst year you ever had. Maybe it was the best. Whatever kind of year it was, find the things that made it good and also find the things that made it bad. Maybe the only good thing that happened was the fact that you made it to another year. Think of what you could've changed or done better. Also think of how you can build upon the good things as you head into the new year. Doing this can motivate you to try harder in the upcoming year.

Resolutions and Goals are Important

There’s a lot of people that are against goals and resolutions going into another year. Every year there's always a few social media posts talking about, "New Year, same me." Some of these people are people that tried a resolution before but failed. Some of these people are people that don’t like change. Simply being who they are is all that they would like to be. Being you is a good mindset to have, but you can still strive for better. Why just be you when you can be a better you? There's so many things we are capable of accomplishing in this world. All it takes is a goal or a resolution. All it takes is determination. 

Why just be you when you can be a better you?

So go lose that weight this year! Go start that business! Go get out of debt! Go finish school! Go quit that addiction! Go spend more time with your family! Go get that new job! Whatever it is that you would like to accomplish this year, go do it! Don't give up when you fall! Just get back up!

Evan Xavier
Always cheesing for absolutely no reason 😁

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