A Divided Nation: Where Do We Go From Here?

With the election over with, the country is more divided than it has been in years. Many people are hurting and devastated. How can we bring about unity during a time like this?

The Great Divide

The past 18 months have been the most brutal and hectic times America has seen in years. There’s been mass murders, police brutality toward minorities, minority brutality toward police, people protesting, people rioting, etc. In the midst of all of this, a new leader had to be selected to pave the way for America for the next four years. The two candidates that were chosen to be the next potential leader were both looked upon as unfit to be president. One candidate was widely viewed as racist, while the other candidate was viewed as sneaky. With all the chaos and craziness of the campaigning, commercials, and debates over with, a new US President has been named. Some people are happy with the decision and look forward to the upcoming change. Other people are angry with the decision and are fearful for the days ahead. The country that was already seeing division is becoming even more divided with the election results. With that being said, where do we go from here?


It’s only been a few days since the election and so much division is happening. You can’t do anything without hearing or seeing something about the election results. It’s being talked about during NBA games, radio shows, cubicles at work, and most notably on social media outlets. Most of the talk isn’t positive though; it’s all negative. I’ve seen blacks against whites. I’ve seen blacks against blacks. I’ve seen women against men. I’ve seen Christian against Christian. It’s disheartening. There’s no love being shown at all. It’s depressing. I honestly had to stay off social media. It was just too much negative energy going on. It was draining me down. I’m far from the biggest supporter of Donald Trump, but he is our next president. Our job right now is to respect him and also pray for him. Yes he has said and done a lot of hurtful things, but that doesn’t mean we have to retaliate and do and say hurtful things back. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Hate plus Hate equals more Hate. Love is what will ultimately free us and bring us to unity. It may not seem like the best route to go. It always feels better to say what’s on your mind. It always feels better to win the argument. It always feels better to seek revenge. It always feels better to fight back. Doing an act of love doesn’t always feel as satisfying. An act of love can lead to the same hateful results. An act of love can seem weak. It’s hard to bite that bullet and not say what you really want to say. It’s hard to respect somebody that doesn’t give respect back. It’s hard to pray for your enemies and love the people that hate you. Yes it’s hard to love, but it’s not impossible. It’s not something that can just happen overnight either. It takes time, but love is patient. When we finally start walking in it, the aftermath of it is so powerful.

The Real Issue is Us, Not The Leader of America

One thing that I think is really sad is the amount of faith that we put in people. We’re simply human beings. We’re bound to mess up. We’re bound to let people down. Donald Trump isn’t a savior. Neither is Hillary Clinton. The world is gonna be messed up with or without them as president. The world is messed up right now with Obama as president, and it was messed up with the 43 presidents that came before him. Racism still exist. Murders happen every single day. Women are still getting sexually abused. Hatred and evilness is all around us. The leader of America isn’t the problem. We are the problem. Instead of bashing people on the head for not voting, why not bash yourself on the head and figure out what you can do to make this world a better place? Do something beyond the norm! I have much respect for people that protest. It’s a great movement and a great way to get your voice heard, but what exactly is protesting against Trump right now going to do? He will still be our president tomorrow. And what exactly is making a move to Canada going to do? Is it really going to solve anything? There’s just as many problems in America as there is in any other country. Why not make that move to Chicago and find a way to bring unity to all the killings that are going on throughout that city? Why not make a move to where all the riots and police brutalities are happening at? Immigrants are going to be widely targeted with Trump as president. Why not be a good neighbor to them? Show them that America appreciates them.  Pray for their safety. They might be in a whole different country next week. And what about that racist coworker that you know? Why not treat them to lunch? Why not have an actual conversation with them instead of mean mugging them all day? Or the woman that was sexually molested a few weeks ago, what shall we do with her? The list goes on. The whole country is hurting in some area. Now is not the time to debate and point fingers. Now is the time to focus on the needs of the people. I’m no miracle worker in the slightest. I do know that change starts with us though. It starts by doing something besides the norm. It starts by love.


Ultimately the new commander in chief is going to be the leader of America for four years or for eight years. Beyond that who knows. During this time we should keep him up in prayer, as well as the whole nation of America. The power of prayer does wonders. Even though it isn’t always the easiest thing to do, we must strive to put our faith in God. One thing is for certain, he will not let us down. He is the same God that’s been here since the formation of the world and he will still be the same God when it’s all gone. His kingdom has, is, and still will be reigning. He is my leader and I trust his plan.

Evan Xavier
Always cheesing for absolutely no reason 😁

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