Food For Thought Friday: Binge-Living

We spend so much of our time focused on watching the latest shows. What if we binged on pursing our dreams?

The Best Thing Ever

Streaming services are one of the greatest inventions mankind has ever thought of. Whether it's Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Kodi (for all you cheap people), or HBO GO, the possibilities are endless of what you can watch. What makes them so great is that you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want. You don't have to worry about long commercials or waiting a whole week to watch the next episode of your new favorite show. The next episode automatically starts playing after the closing credits appear on the screen. It's perfect for those shows that leave you in suspense. It also allows you to easily binge-watch shows. We can be completely out of the loop about one show one week, and be on season 4 of that same show the next week. I recently binge-watched Netflix's, Last Chance U, which is an awesome sports documentary series. I started the series on a Tuesday, and finished the 14 episode show by that Friday night. I was sad when it was all over, and I wanted to watch another 30 episodes. After coming back down to Earth, I realized that I had spent 14 hours in front of a computer screen over the span of three days. What a waste. There's so much other things I could've been doing with my time. There's so much other things you can be doing with yours—like living. 

Time is Slipping Away

It always feels like an accomplishment after we finish a series. We tend to treat it like we're scratching something off our bucket list. We act like the world is gonna end in two weeks. And if someone hasn't seen the show, we tend to push them to watch it. You're missing out bro! That show is fire! Could it be that we're the ones that's missing out? What exactly do we get out of binge-watching and keeping up with all the latest shows? There's no trophies given out for all the shows we watch. There's no salary that comes with it. We don't get famous because of it. The same show that we “just gotta watch”, is still gonna be there 5 years down the road. These shows aren’t going anywhere.


What's not gonna be there is all the time that you lost binge-watching. Time is so precious and we just carelessly waste it. Let’s be honest with ourselves, a lot of us aren’t totally satisfied with where we are in life. We envisioned so many things that we wanted to do and accomplish when we were kids. We had dreams of being millionaires and owning our own businesses. We wanted to be NBA players, rappers, dancers, doctors, lawyers, actors, fashion designers, chefs, writers, photographers, and the list goes on. We believed that we could do anything. And then life happened and we became adults. We started working 9 to 5's, and stopped focusing on those dreams. I don't have any time for that. I have a spouse and kids now. I'm too tired to do that. You weren't that tired to watch 6 episodes of Stranger Things. You had time to catch up on Game of Thrones. Your spouse and kids weren't in the way of you watching Insecure. It’s all a bunch of excuses. And this goes even beyond streaming services. For all my 2K fans out there, your MyPlayer isn’t real. You won MVP and a NBA championship on a video game. Kudos! What have you actually accomplished in real life? Did you finally start developing that idea that you had? Have you put forth that same effort you used to craft your MyPlayer, in crafting your Photoshop skills? For all you social media junkies that like to scroll for hours and keep up with celebrities, those celebrities could care less about you. A lot of those celebrities didn’t get to where they are now, by watching other people live life. They were too busy putting in work. This can even be applied to watching sports. I’m a diehard Redskins and OKC Thunder fan. I spend at least 3 hours of my Sunday in front of a TV screen. Throughout the week, I spend even more hours watching other NFL and NBA games. I don’t get a single check for that. If they win a championship, I’m not getting a ring. They’re out there living their dreams. I’m just at home watching them. There’s so much more I could be doing.



We have so many gifts, talents, and ideas that simply go to waste because of the time we waste. We focus too much of our time on things that aren’t important, and not enough time on the things that are important. I’m not saying that watching Netflix is bad. I think everyone should take time out of their week and sit back and relax a little. It becomes a problem when your life is simply about watching other people live theirs. Take time out to focus on your dreams. Imagine what your life could look like if you put that same effort that you put in binge-watching shows, in pursuing your passions. You might actually be on that show that you like to watch. You might actually be one of those celebrities that people waste time scrolling about. If they can live and accomplish their dreams, why can’t you? Stop binge-watching and start binge-living. Chew on that as you enjoy your weekend.

“A hard worker has plenty of food, but a person who chases fantasies has no sense.”

Proverbs 12:11

“Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.”

Psalms 90:12

Evan Xavier
Always cheesing for absolutely no reason 😁

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