Living Anomalistic

Society has always pushed us to live according to its standards. In a time like today, those standards are way below the potential we can actually be. Why not make a change and go against society?

The Norm

We live in a very basic world. Not too many things in it really stand out. Everything in it is blah, boring, and pretty robotic. From the moment we were given the ability to breathe we automatically enlisted ourselves into this way of life. Growing up a lot of us were brainwashed by our elementary school teachers telling us to go to college after high school. “It’s the only way to make it in this world. It’s the only way to be successful,” they would say. Remember the locker room talks? All the guys would brag about all the girls that they smashed. Then that one guy would say that he’s a virgin and everyone would go in on him. “What are you gay?” they would say. What about the 6 foot 8 African American teen? He has to play basketball or some other kind of sport because he’s tall, right? Outside of going to college that’s all that’s left to do, either ball or rap.

Some might end up getting a decent job, but the majority of the paycheck goes to stunting off. Got the Yeezy’s and the hoverboard, but can’t provide food and clothes for his baby girl. And the many that do go to college don’t even remember the material that was on the exam that they sacrificed sleep to study for. The major isn’t even of interest anymore. The white diploma is the only thing keeping them going. Waste four plus years of time and money just to earn a job wasting forty plus years of time and money. Sounds like a fair trade right? Let’s spend our whole life paying off student loans, cars, mortgages, and unnecessary credit card debt. On any given Tuesday morning at 8:34 it’s an almost guarantee that most adults in the world are on their way to work. And about eight hours later, those same people are driving back home. There’s nothing more fun than waking up to the same mundane lifestyle. Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat. And that’s just the typical work week; let’s not forget about the weekend. If there’s no alcohol involved then what’s the point? There’s no possible way to have fun without the liquor! Life is far too boring without it. Our time here is only so long. Why not waste every weekend doing the same exact thing we did last weekend—turning up and getting lit!

There’s nothing more fun than waking up to the same mundane lifestyle. Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat

These lifestyles above are just a snippet of the normal way of living. It’s the way that we chose to live since birth. It’s the only way that we know how to live. Our parents lived that way, and their parents lived that way, and their parents lived that way, and so on. With each passing generation it gets worse. This day and age is filled with more distractions than ever before. Getting 300 likes on a photo is more important than actually enjoying the moment in which the photo was taken. We rather tweet about how our day went instead of talking to someone about it face to face. Watching other people live lives and accomplish their dreams is the real reality in reality TV. And binge watching a whole series on Netflix in a week, is seen as an accomplishment. And with all these distractions we still complain about how there isn’t enough time in a day, when in reality there’s plenty of time. We’re just unaware that it’s there.

Going Against The Grain

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Why not flip the script? Why not live extraordinary lives? Why not live with a purpose? We were all put on this earth for a reason. Why not live for that reason? God handcrafted each and every single one of us; not one single person on this earth is the same. There are 7.4 billion people in the world and not one single person will have an identical fingerprint. One person might have a hundred freckles on their face, while another might have a mole right below their right eye. One person might have a New York accent, while another might have a Southern accent. One person might have a gap in their teeth, while another might have a lazy eye. The bottom line is, all of us are unique.

So if God put all this effort into making our outer bodies unique; which are here today gone tomorrow, wouldn’t he want the same for our inner being? Our inner appearance is what matters the most; it’s what truly molds us into who God created us to be. We all come from different backgrounds and have different personalities. We all have been given different gifts and have different abilities. So why do we all choose to live similar lives? Why do we choose to follow the crowd? It’s because we naturally like fitting in. We like to be accepted. Living a life based off of the approval of others is very dangerous though. Rapper Lecrae sums it up the best, “If you live for people’s acceptance, you’ll die from their rejection.” So while all the popular trends of this world might seem gratifying today, it may all be irrelevant next week. How miserable will it be for the ones who invest all their time and energy in keeping up with the Joneses. They’ll be filled with joy off the new purchase of the 2015 BMW M3, but quickly filled with envy the moment they see the 2016 version of the car in their neighbor's driveway.  Our life should not be based off of whether or not someone likes something about us. The most rejected person to ever live was Jesus. Imagine if he had lived for people’s acceptance. There would be no point of us being on this earth. Everything would all be irrelevant. But thankfully he didn’t choose that route. Instead Jesus, the most rejected person to ever live, chose to accept us as his own. The least we can do is follow his lead.

The Motto

So let us depart from this normal way of living. Let’s make goals and climb heights we have never seen. Let’s accomplish our dreams and inspire others to accomplish their dreams as well. Let’s live life on the edge and spread out from our comfort zone. Let’s no longer choose to fit in, but let’s now choose to stand out. Let’s live with a purpose. Let’s live for something greater than ourselves. Let’s live anomalistic.

Evan Xavier
Always cheesing for absolutely no reason 😁

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