Poetic Vibes: A Daily Reminder of His Grace

Despite the many times we feel as if we aren't good enough, God continues to send us a reminder that we are.

I am a wife and a mother,

A Christian and a God lover.

I make mistakes, I slip and I fall.

I feel like giving up at times, sometimes it’s shame.

Sometimes when there’s a problem, I’m the one to blame.

I feel at times like I’m not good enough,

Like I’m fake, unreal or just a bluff.

Sometimes I feel like my sin is greater than the weight of the world.

At times I feel like I’m letting my husband down and my baby girl.

I feel at times fear consumes my mind.

At times I feel so far gone and so behind.

Sometimes anxiety slips in and darkens my brain.

I feel at times that I may go insane.

But then I look to the sky up above.

There stands my God full of grace and love.

He covers me with His warm embrace.

Wipes the tears from my face.

He fills me with joy, strength, and His holy word.

He tells me every prayer I’ve prayed, He’s heard.

He washes me clean and makes me feel new.

My name is engraved on His hands, it’s true.

SaQuayla Jones

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