Poetic Vibes: Reigning Day

We were created for so much more, but we choose to live a life in chains. Why be chained when we were made to reign?

I’m extremely lazy when it comes to writing. I tend to start a lot of stuff but never finish. This is actually a rap that I started writing back in 2014. I woke up one day this week and finally decided to finish it lol. I wrote it to J. Cole’s “Chaining Day” Instrumental...”but I’m not a rapper though,” in my Supa Hot Fire voice 😂

I dream of a better world...

A world with more husbands and wives

& fathers to protect their daughters from these worthless guys

& mothers to nurture the children when they stumble and cry

& tell them they can be anything they wanna be—leap and fly

There’s no limits to our dreaming

Believing without seeing

Living with a purpose; we on this earth for a reason

There's more to this life, than Instagram & tweeting

Always turning up and getting high every weekend

Find a bad joint who down for a lil freaking

Nine months later got a newborn screaming

A son of a deadbeat, so he also ends up leaving

We need to end this cycle of living life with no meaning

We wanna be better, but we're not ready to make the changes

We want a different role, but we're not willing to switch stages

We have the key for greatness but choose to be locked up in cages

We need to start supporting each other on a day-to-day basis

Pick up a book homie, there's so much knowledge in them pages

Strive to get a job that pays higher than minimum wages

Yea the economy might be rough, but continue to keep ya head up

I serve a God that always comes through in the clutch

Put your trust in him, he'll lead you in the right direction

His ways may seem hard, but he's not looking for perfection

He just wants a heart that desires his love & affection

He'll still accept you, even in a world full of rejection

Keep moving forward if they don't like nothing about you

Who are they to tell you about dreams that you cannot pursue?

Despite the circumstances, you can still be able to make it through

Bulls beat the Jazz & Jordan played with the flu

We gotta change the way we think, our thoughts are always negative

The music we hear, the shows we watch; none of it is positive

Sex, money, weed; everything's repetitive

Why not talk about one day of becoming chief executives?

Or Doctors, lawyers, or even the US president

We need to leave behind a legacy to pass on to our relatives

Stop feeding our children junk that they always show on TV

Watching other people live life as a part of our reality

Everything is fun & games; they live life so easily

Becoming famous like them is all that we aspire to be

Don't believe the hype; their life isn't what it seems to be

Money, power, & fame can all fall down instantly

Life is too short; your next breath isn't even guaranteed

We need to invest our time on the things that last for eternity

Instead we spend too much of our time working to make a living

We go to school & come out expecting to make a killing

But what’s a dream when it comes to Sallie Mae billing?

They steady calling for money with their feet up chilling

Nine to fives can’t be the only way for us to survive

We shouldn’t have to settle for the mundane to stay alive

Got minds filled with ideas, but we choose to go run & hide

Why coast through neutral when you were geared up to drive?

Why live in the shade when the son lives inside?

You were made for greater homie, that’s the reason He died

So no more being tied down, Chaining Day

Put your crown on & live bruh, Reigning Day

Evan Xavier
Always cheesing for absolutely no reason 😁

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