Road to Financial Freedom Part III

These past few months have been rough for us. Check out where we are in our financial journey.

Journey Update

What’s up guys! The journey to getting out of debt has been going on for a little over four months now. These past few months have been extremely hard for us. I was honestly tempted to not even post about it because of the little progress that was made. We currently owe $117,738.45. That number was $118,467.90 in our last update. So we basically only moved the needle by $729.45 in two months. This is very disappointing compared to the $4,031.96 that we were able to pay off in November and December. Our drive and passion to get out of debt hasn’t changed though; our income has. I was demoted from my job back in February, and took a 15% pay cut. My job was a large part of our household income, and taking that cut has made it challenging to put extra money towards our loans. It's frustrating, because we could've easily paid off another loan had I not been demoted. This goes to say that getting out of debt is indeed a journey.

Wake-Up Call

While this might seem like a huge roadblock for us right now, I’m glad we’re going through it. This is motivation for us. This is one of the main reasons why we’re doing this. Do you realize that most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck? This means that if a sudden financial crisis were to happen out of nowhere, your life could change drastically. You could be living comfortably making six figures one day, and get laid off struggling to keep the lights on the next. You wanna know what’s worse than owing people money? Owing people money when you don’t have any money to pay them. This is when things start to happen that are out of your control. Cars get repoed, houses get foreclosed, money gets taken out of your check—I refuse to let that be my life. We’re getting a little taste of that right now, and I can’t live like this for 50 more years.

There’s so much more in life that I want to be doing, than just barely making it. It’s really a blessing that I still have a job though. At one point it looked like I was gonna get fired on the spot. That would’ve been tragic. Our faith would’ve definitely been tested! Thankfully they didn’t go that route and instead chose to put me back in a department I used to work at. While it is a blessing, it is also a wake-up call. My last job was in my field of study, but it was ultimately not a job that I wanted to be doing. Since I was little, all I wanted to do was have my own business. The-9-to-5-work-40-years-at-the-same-place life never caught my attention. The thing is, that’s the path that I’ve been on for the last three years. I’ve taken some steps to starting a business, but haven’t fully gone through with it because of fear and complacency. It’s so easy to get comfortable at a job with a decent salary and benefits. Having this interruption in my life has taken away that comfort. It’s allowed me to see that I haven’t been pursuing after the gifts that God has given me to start businesses. What better time to do it than now? We’re tryna get out of debt at a fast rate, but we just took an income loss. We don’t have anything to lose! We just have to start these businesses and trust God. Remember in the words of Dave Ramsey, "Live like no one else, so later you can live and give like no one else." Stay Anomalistic My Friends!

Here's a breakdown of how much we owe as of right now:

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