Views from the Few: Evan Xavier

Passion, vision, and faith are three important keys to living a fulfilled life. The Anomalistic's founder, Evan Xavier breaks down his in an interview.

What’s good everybody? I recently had the pleasure of being featured on one of my bro’s blog Passion. Vision. Faith. This is a blog that focuses on what people are passionate about, what vision they have for the future, and the faith they have to tie the whole thing together. It’s very inspiring seeing people walk in their purpose and accomplish their dreams. The man behind it all, JaMahl Sapp, is walking in his purpose and following his passion as well. He has his own photography business (New Mindset Photography) so you should check him out. He’s actually done a few photoshoots of me which turned out great! Make sure you book him for your next event! His Passion. Vision. Faith. blog has inspired me to do a series of interviews myself called Views from the Few. Since living an anomalistic life means to be set apart from the normal way of living life, I thought it would be interesting to interview people about areas in their life that are outside of the norm. To start it off I’ve reposted the interview that I was featured in on Passion. Vision. Faith., which was originally published as Passion. Vision. Faith: Evan S.

Passion. Vision. Faith: Evan S.

One of the most important things in your life is to find out your "Why". What I mean is, "Why were you created?" So often people live a life without having an understanding of why they were created. We all have a purpose to impact someone in this world in so many different forms and capacities. I believe a person's life is incomplete if they don't live out their "why". This week's feature is about a brother of mine who searched for an understanding of his purpose in life and ended up finding it in the least of places.

Meet Evan S.; a cool and laid back type of guy. I appreciate his willingness to serve others and he's a person you'll want to emulate when it comes to service. Evan is a graduate of Old Dominion University with a degree in Informational Technology (IT). Similar to many people's story, including mine, he later found out that his passion was not in IT. His passion is in helping people—helping people to see the potential that lies within their hearts to impact the world beyond a cubicle. Inspiring others to not settle for the norm of getting a degree that will "guarantee you a steady paycheck". Instead of doing the things everyone else is doing, doing something you're passionate about and will enjoy for the rest of your life. He believes that no one should settle for being miserable, but take the leap of faith and follow your purpose.

Evan along with his colleague, has started a blog site titled, "The Anomalistic," where they write about various topics ranging from their thoughts on world issues to sharing inspirational messages. The intent of the posts are to open the doors for people to think about their life, and to become motivated and inspired to change. He believes that we live in a world where most people strive for average/ordinary. When people finish reading, he hopes their eyes are opened to see that there is so much more to life and will have a greater desire to strive for greater.

As always, I have the opportunity to interview our guests so that you all can get to know them a little more in depth. Here's our conversation:

New Mindset Photography

JaMahl: What's your purpose?

Evan Xavier: Honestly, I feel like it's something I'm still trying to figure out. However, I believe I'm starting to figure out what it is. I want to see other people...I'm passionate about seeing other people walk in their purpose. That's basically what my blog is for; I want to see people live for something greater than themselves. I don't like people living as if nothing is going [for themselves].

JaMahl: If there is one thing you could do to help people walk in their purpose or live with a purposeful life, what would you do?

Evan Xavier: I kind of like people [similar to] Joseph Solomon—I like what they do. They travel the world and make an impact in every city where they are. For example, Joseph Solomon is living in Chicago and he's from Texas. He's living in Chicago to help those neighborhoods out since Chicago has a lot problems going on. So I would want to travel and help out a city doing whatever I can.

JaMahl: Who are the influential people in your life and what is it about them that inspires you to be greater?

Evan Xavier: Inspirational people I like are Joseph Solomon. He was a big impact [in my life] when I first started growing in God. I stumbled upon his YouTube channel and...I don't know—you don't see too many young people living for God and it caught my eye. He's not that old and he's black (haha). You might see a young person [living for God], but most likely they won't be black. He wears street clothes and he inspired me [because I can relate to him]. Also I would say you bro. [Firstly] How you and Maya were able to get married without doing the normal things that you would find in premarital relationships [such as] kissing, sex, etc. And how you are a business owner. I find joy in seeing people I know have businesses. It's something that I long to do and seeing you and other entrepreneurs follow their dreams gives me motivation to want to keep pursuing my own. I like watching a lot of radio channels or YouTube channels such as Sway in The Morning or Beleaf the rapper. [Beleaf] He's a father and that's something you don't typically see, is a YouTube channel about being a father. And people who are creative. I could say someone like J. Cole inspires me. Usually when I listen to him, that's when I get in my creative sense as far as writing music or something. It's something I rarely do anymore, but I know in the past I would listen to him and I would become passionate to write something.

JaMahl: If there's one thing you could do in your life and money wasn't an issue, what's that one thing?

Evan Xavier: If money wasn't an's not one specific thing, but I would definitely want to use my money to impact other people's lives; like help them with their dreams—maybe go to random neighborhoods. If there is a kid—he's passionate about music or playing basketball, but they live in a neighborhood or in a family that can't really do it because they don't have the money, I would lend them the money—not just give them the money to give it, but start a mentorship in their lives. That's kind of what I'm trying to do right now. Right now I'm in student loan debt, but once those things are paid off, one of the things I want to do is give more. I won't have anything holding me back. I would already be financially stable so, why not help other people do whatever they want to do.

JaMahl: What's the biggest thing God has showed you about yourself over the course of a few years of you figuring out your purpose and what you're passionate about?

New Mindset Photography

Evan Xavier: Probably the one thing would be [is to have] patience. Everybody wants to be where they want to be like right now. But it never works that way. Some people are blessed to be put in a situation where it just happens like that, but the majority of us are in a situation where it won't come like that. You're gonna have to go through struggles in life and there's gonna be times where you want to give up. You just have to be patient. It's like me right now—I'm working at DMV [main office]. It's not really what I would like to be doing. It's better than working at the [DMV] customer service center where I used to work at. I hated that place. But honestly, I'm not passionate about IT. It's a job for right now and not a burden where I can't do other things to help me get to where I want to be at. I would like to have my own business because I hate the whole "9-5" thing. I hate being on a schedule. I hate people telling me what to do (haha). I hate having to only take an hour break or you gotta be back at this time, or if it's nothing to do you still have to be there—taking vacation when they tell you. But for now it's just what I have to do. I know pretty soon I will have my own thing. But that's the main thing I'm learning is patience. There were plenty of times when I was frustrated with God wondering, "Why am I here right now?" There were many times I just wanted to quit or just stop relying on God and do my own thing. And there have been times when I did my own thing, but it doesn't lead to anything. It doesn't get you any further. It actually pushes you further back. Just gotta be patient.

JaMahl: Since you're passionate about seeing other people walk in their purpose, what's one thing that you would tell someone to encourage them and follow their passion and to not settle with being miserable and unhappy with what they're doing?

Evan Xavier: Let's thing. God has to be the center of it all. Cuz you can find something that you're very passionate about, but if He's not the center [of it], you're still not gonna be whole; you're not gonna be complete. So just make sure He's the center. If you really hate your job or don't know what you want to do, you have to just ask Him. Ask Him to tell you what is it you're supposed to be doing and help you find a way out of what you're doing. But while you're still in that situation, [ask him to] help you to enjoy it and make an impact. There's a reason why you're still there. Basically, just have God at the center and love yourself. Don't fall in the trap because time definitely goes by fast. I know when I first started working at DMV, one of the first things I did was go up to my mom's office. The main thing her co-workers told me was to not get stuck. Learn what you need to know and get out. They would ask me how long I planned on being at DMV and I would tell them I'm in college—I'm just here for that. They would reply, "Alright, don't get stuck now cuz I was only trying to be here for a year or two—eighteen years later, I'm still here." Don't get stuck in the mundane because pretty soon a year can fly by like that.

It's easy for us to settle for the mundane when we don't have a clear idea of what we want to do with our lives and what purpose we have in this world. Don't give up though; it's never too late to unveil your greatest potential and to start walking in your God-given purpose. Be blessed everyone and continue striving for greatness!

- JaMahl

Evan Xavier
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